Tuesday Tunes – “Blossom” by Noah Gundersen

Today’s tune comes from Noah Gundersen, a singer-songwriter from Seattle, Washington who’s behind one of my favorite albums of 2015Carry the Ghost.

“Oh, you hold my heart forever. / I can’t hold on to what’s not there. / May you blossom like a flower. / May you go dancing in the air.”

“Blossom,” to me, describes contrasting feelings at the end of a relationship. In vocals tinged with regret and absent of bitterness, the speaker wishes his former love well. Lyrically, Gundersen presents the opposite themes of life and death as the speaker wishes that his former love will go on to “blossom like a flower” even though their relationship has withered. It’s a moving expression of beauty and pain, hope and sadness, compiled into one song.

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