Tuesday Tunes – “Dyslexic Heart” by Paul Westerberg

After a mac ‘n cheese cook-off and fireworks show on July 4, I watched Singles, one of my favorite feel-good movies, with a relative who’d never seen it. I got inspired to watch the film again after seeing the Facebook event for a screening of Singles at the Seattle apartment where it was filmed, which ultimately did not happen (bummer). Since then, “Dyslexic Heart” has been stuck in my head on repeat. Usually I like to feature weightier songs, but hey, some Tuesdays call for catchy, upbeat tunes. Reminder to self – you can enjoy music that doesn’t punch you in the gut with its heaviness.

Sung by Paul Westerberg (formerly of The Replacements) “Dyslexic Heart” appears on the Singles soundtrack. In addition to being a total earworm, the song has clever lyrics (Is this your name or a doctor’s eye chart?) and great metaphors that capture the confusion and uncertainty of attraction and relationships.


Oh, and if you haven’t watched Singles, you totally should.