Tuesday Tunes – “Lucky” by Mychal Cohen

*Listening with headphones is recommended

Mychal Cohen is a film and television composer who also serves as the lead singer and guitarist of Seattle-based band The Weather (formerly known as Campfire OK). Just before this video was filmed, Cohen and cinematographer Christian Sorensen Hansen shot the music video for Bryan John Appleby’s “Cliffs Along the Sea.” As they rowed back to shore, Cohen began playing this song. Hansen captured a beautiful, spontaneous moment and the ambient sounds only enhance it. As much as I believe that some spontaneous events are best experienced without documentation, there are certain times, such as this one, that I’m grateful a moment was captured on video. I have some additional thoughts on documenting moments, so I’ll expand on this topic in a future entry. Anyway, I hope that we’ll get a studio version of “Lucky” on a future album from The Weather.

That said, be on the lookout for The Weather’s new album, Waters Electric, in 2015. If you’re unfamiliar with their two LPs under the name Campfire OK, I’d recommend giving those a listen as well. Both albums are musically and lyrically great.

‘Cause I’m an only child from parents with two / Everyone who doubts, they don’t think twice

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