Welcome to Between the Notes 2.0!

Hello, friends. It’s nice to see you again. Welcome to the new and improved Between the Notes.

It’s been awhile since we last spoke and you may have noticed that things look different around here. Here’s a rundown:


  • New domain – The domain has been purchased and the site address is now http://betweenthenotes.blog. I’ve set it up so that all existing links will redirect to this address.
  • Layout – The site layout and menus have been updated. They’re still under construction to make it easier to find what you’re looking for on the site.
  • Home base – I recently relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. There’s an incredible music scene here and I will begin highlighting some local artists on Between the Notes.
  • Logo – Look for an updated logo and social media images going up soon.
  • Less film – I’ve decided to turn BTN into a full-on music blog. I will still write about films that center around music (i.e. – music documentaries) but films will no longer be a primary focus.
  • No more personal posts – Personal posts have been removed, save for those relating to music. Don’t worry, I’ve moved most of them to my new personal blog. If you’re interested in reading about my life and adventures, my new personal blog is http://betweenthetori.wordpress.com.
  • The update schedule – I’m planning to update a couple times a week as my schedule allows (still working that out). I’d like to bring back Tuesday Tunes, too.


The music – In fact, there will be much more of it.

The writer – The same Tori still writes these posts. However, I’m exploring the idea of accepting submissions from other writers at a later time. We shall see.

That’s all for now. I hope you’ll enjoy the new site.