Tuesday Tunes – “Knew Then Know Now” by Anchor & Braille

I’m currently in an uncertain season of life, specifically, the job-hunting period after college. As someone who finds comfort in, well, knowing things, not knowing where I will be just weeks from now is a little unsettling. This morning, I revisited Anchor & Braille’s second album, The Quiet Life, and “Knew Then Know Now” reminded me that I’m probably worrying too much about the unknown. One day when I’m older, I may look back on this season and wonder why I worried so much in the first place.

“This is a freefall, not a human race. We’re not a human race.”

In this context, these lyrics serve as a reminder that life is not a competition. These days, it’s easy to forget that. We’re endlessly fed pictures and updates of other people’s engagements, marriages, new jobs, world travels, and accomplishments on social media. It’s easy to feel unsuccessful if we don’t reach certain milestones as quickly as some of our friends do. (I’ll write more on this topic later!) What matters is getting there. Just get there, but savor the journey and the process along the way. Enjoy the freefall. Eventually, you will land right on target.

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