Tuesday Tunes – “Nerds in Love” by Fergus Brown

Vinyl. Lou Reed. Mechanic shirts. Black-rimmed glasses. Sounds like a teenager in the 1990s… or a 2010s hipster. Fergus Brown pokes fun at the hipster subculture in his song, “Nerds in Love,” referencing all of those things and more. “You can keep your hipster flings,” Brown sings, because he’s got books and a biochem girlfriend.

“Nerds in Love” appears on Brown’s 2009 debut album, Burgers Frown. Its DIY-style music video, released in 2011 and produced by Oh Yeah Wow, was filmed in an abandoned warehouse and features a handpainted Scrabble board and letter tiles. Near the end of the video, Brown and a friend – maybe his biochem girlfriend – destroy the tiles, possibly as a commentary on the absurdity of hipster culture.

Side note – The video looks like it was so much fun to shoot!

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“Nerds in Love” has been added to my Tuesday Tunes Spotify playlist.