Tuesday Tunes – “Christmas At Sea” by Carbon Leaf

Can you believe Christmas is three days away? Between the lack of a Christmas tree in our house and the crazy, unseasonably warm weather, it doesn’t feel like December where I am. Still, I’ve sent Christmas cards and put Christmas tunes on rotation to help me get in the spirit.

One song I’ve revisited this year is Carbon Leaf’s “Christmas At Sea” from the band’s 2010 album, Christmas Child. My interpretation is that it’s written from the perspective of someone who is unable to spend the holidays with a loved one in the Navy or another branch of the military. This song perfectly captures the feelings of sadness and longing when someone you love can’t come home for the holidays. The narrator describes fine details like “ornaments unpacked from the TV box,” the clean, clear beach in wintertime, and “how the lights just disappear over water.” “C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S-O-S” is one of my favorite bits of songwriting. Hits me in the gut every time I hear it.

If you’d like to learn more about Carbon Leaf, you can read my interview with lead singer Barry Privett or check them out on social media: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!