Tuesday Tunes – “Kafari” by Lockerbie

“Kafari” is a new release from Icelandic band Lockerbie from their upcoming album of the same name. The lyrics are all in Icelandic so I don’t fully know what they’re saying (and Google Translate wasn’t much help), but I like it. However, I do know that “Kafari” means “diver” in English, which makes sense by the end of the music video.

Directed and edited by Timothée Lambrecq, the music video for “Kafari” is one of the most scenic, cinematic music videos I have seen. One special little touch in the video is that in the beginning, the subject’s alarm clock plays “Laut,” a song from Lockerbie’s first album, Ólgusjór. This video brings out my inner film nerd as I was able to identify a strong rectilinear motif, as well as a great use of match cuts, jump cuts, and cutting on action. Hope that’s not getting too technical for you!

If anything, this video really makes me want to hop on a plane to Iceland. Or a Lockerbie show. Or both.

Starting tomorrow (October 14th), Kafari will be available as a free download on the band’s website. I’ll be grabbing a copy :-)

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