Tuesday Tunes – “Familiar” by Dru Cutler

The television and film industries have seen plenty of remakes and reboots these last few years, with even more rumored to happen. Please make it stop. The same is true for the music industry, namely, band reunions. It’s rumored that Oasis may reunite and even Chris Cornell has said that an Audioslave reunion isn’t out of the question. While I’m always down for more Audioslave, it’s evident that nostalgia has a hand in shaping popular culture. Put on your rose-colored glasses (or take them off) because today’s tune explores that concept.

 Dru Cutler’s latest release, “Familiar,” explores the way nostalgia can be a harsh slap in the face or a comforting way of recalling fond memories. The music video, filmed around New York City’s Union Square and Brooklyn, incorporates footage that resembles home movies and it matches well with the song’s thoughtful mood. From a visual standpoint, the video gets very interesting toward the end, when Cutler presumably opens a door to the past and is surrounded by old memories. Those scenes made me recall my own childhood memories of summer camp, family vacations, and rides on the historic local carousel. I miss those days from time to time.

Then again, maybe I’ve got my rose-colored glasses on.

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*If you’re in the NYC area, Cutler will be part of a showcase on October 14.