Tuesday Tunes – “September 22nd” by Nathan Angelo

It’s National Nathan Angelo Day! Or, September 22nd as most people call it. Today’s song by Nathan Angelo is appropriately titled “September 22nd” and featured on his album Through Playing Me (2006). Where I am, we’re having a rainy, dreary introduction to the fall season so it’s always great to have upbeat music to counteract the weather.

“If blood’s flowing through my veins / And there’s air to breathe, life to live / Then I’ve got a song to sing on this normal day / September 22nd.”

How’s that for an uplifting message? As long as we’re alive and breathing, there’s joy to be found and a purpose to live out, even on a completely ordinary (or rainy) day.

Check this out – on September 22nd of last year, Angelo shared the story behind “September 22nd” on his site.

I’m glad he still has a song to sing :-)

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