Tuesday Tunes – “Chapel Hill” by Sonic Youth

This week, I’m featuring one of my favorite Sonic Youth songs, “Chapel Hill,” from the band’s 1992 album, Dirty. The song is based on the city of – wait for it – Chapel Hill in North Carolina. There are also references to people and places related to the state, such as late bookstore owner and activist Bob Sheldon, the famed venue Cat’s Cradle, the city of Durham, the Char-Grill restaurant, and politician Jesse Helms.

Today marks the release of Sonic Youth’s bassist/vocalist Kim Gordon’s memoir release. Titled Girl in a Band, the memoir touches on Gordon’s life, career, art, and marriage to fellow bandmate Thurston Moore. You can read a synopsis here. In fact, Kim Gordon will be at the Cat’s Cradle tomorrow (2/25) for a stop on her book tour. Tickets are available here.

Then you smiled / Said why should we run when we cannot hide? / And my flag is burnin’ / We could be wrong, but that’s alright / We’ll rise again