Tuesday Tunes – “Soul One” by Blind Melon


Blind Melon is best known for their 1992 hit single, “No Rain,” but this band’s catalog is full of hidden gems that slipped under the radar. This week’s song is one of those gems – “Soul One.”

This song appears on Blind Melon’s 1996 album, Nico, released after the 1995 death of lead singer Shannon Hoon. The album was named after Hoon’s daughter, Nico, who was still a baby when her father died. In this 2013 interview with SongFacts, bassist Brad Smith gives background information on “Soul One” and the girl who inspired it.

I’ll leave you with my favorite version of “Soul One” from the Sippin’ Time Sessions EP. This one never fails to wreck me. Every. Single. Time.

“Should’ve never taken the time / ‘Cause I found myself livin’ a lonely lie / You said you left to find yourself / But I never / No, I never got the chance to say goodbye.”