Tuesday Tunes – “License to Kill” by Jason Barrows

You know that awesome feeling you get when you discover new music and love it as soon as the first song starts? That’s exactly how I felt listening to Jason Barrrows’ new album, Islands of My Soul. Through poignant lyrics and 1980s-influenced melodies, the seven-track album explores life, faith, and salvation. “License to Kill” uses metaphors and vivid imagery to illustrate Christ’s death on the cross for our sins, making it a standout track. The lyrics are both simple and thought-provoking, and they gave me a much-needed reminder of God’s love. Islands of My Soul is available on NoiseTrade and I highly recommend giving the full album a listen. It takes you on quite a memorable journey.

The fight / Oh, it is over and won / So hold your head up high / Into the setting sun

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