Tuesday Tunes – “Take What I Can Get” by Matthew Mayfield

This week’s Tuesday Tunes features one of my favorite musicians, Matthew Mayfield. To date, he has released eight EPs and two full-length albums. “Take What I Can Get” is the second track on his 2012 album, A Banquet for Ghosts. In this 2013 AbsolutePunk.net interview, Mayfield discussed his reasons for focusing heavily on EPs instead of albums.

Mayfield’s lyrics are largely what have kept me coming back to his music for the past few years. He is an immensely talented, honest songwriter who can write lyrics that put you in his shoes and punch you in the gut, even if the song deals with a familiar topic. Combine that with his expressive, raw vocals and you get some incredibly moving music. I can honestly say that I have never heard a bad album or EP from Matthew Mayfield.

I’ll leave you with Matthew’s cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Many have deemed it impossible to cover a Nirvana song, but I think his interpretation is fabulous.

You can visit Matthew Mayfield’s website here.